Canadian Border Info

Nexus Offices Open in Seattle

In checking with
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), we found the Nexus satellite office is now open in Seattle for boaters.  Applicants are now able to complete paperwork and interview requirements at the Seattle office without traveling to Blaine.  Supposedly there is also an office open in downtown Vancouver B.C. for Canadian boaters, but we have not verified this fact.  The Seattle office is located at the CBP office at Boeing Field.  It’s the same office where the I-68’s are handled too.

You must get an appointment for a Nexus interview.  Call (206) 553-1920 for instructions.

If you are traveling to Canada by boat this summer, you need to read up on all the new Homeland Security requirements for taking your boat across the border and returning to the USA.

Please visit:

The Waggoner website has some very good information about the new Customs procedures too, and what to do:

For boating related Customs questions, call CPB:  (800) 562-5943.  They are the final word.  As they say…..“KNOW BEFORE YOU GO” Happy boating!

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