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abcimageThe USPS Boating Course is a traditional civic service of the United States Power Squadrons organization. Since 1914 local squadrons have presented the course to anyone who wished to attend – to date more than 3 million people. Learning to boat safely is important and the increased knowledge will enhance your safety on the water and your enjoyment of the sport. United States Power Squadrons® Basic Boating Course is contained in six chapters. The course is divided into two types of learning, In class lectures plus reading assignment, and homework sections, not directly covered in the classroom setting. Each section of each chapter has homework questions at the end, used to test the Student’s retention of the information presented.  The Squadron Boating Course covers subjects in greater depth than the American Boating Course and cover additional topics such as an introduction to reading charts and plotting courses.  The USPS Basic Boating course is also available for home study on a video. If you want to obtain the Boating Course Video and Plotting Kit call 1 (888) FOR-USPS or (919) 821-0281.  America’s Boating Course is also available for home study on CD-ROM, study manual, and interactive study on  America’s Boating Course is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and has been approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.  Cost is:  $120.00  






USPS® Advanced Grade Courses are available to the public, please visit our webpage to sign up for Advanced Grades, dates, times location and instructor.  Prices subject to change without notice due to changes in course materials costs.








USPS® Elective Classes are available to the Public, please visit our webpage to sign up for Elective Classes, dates, times, location and instructor.  Prices subject to change without notice due to changes in course materials costs.



Short Seminars, usually 2 hours long.  Fantastic knowledge and skill builders for both members and non-members.    Contact the seminar coordinator P/C Jim West, JN, SEO or by phone at 425-778-0283.   Prices vary depending on location & cost of materials.  Contact presenter for details.



boatbirdBoating Safety 4 KIDS is a fun-packed 2-hour FREE class. The class provides KIDS with boating safety knowledge that will help prevent accidents and help KIDS save themselves, if they are in an accident.  This course is intended for KIDS in 1st through 6th grade.

We use stories, skits, games and experiments to get the messages across to the KIDS.  They learn the proper SIZE, FIT AND COLOR of life jackets at the “Life Jacket Style Show”.  The game “It’s in the Box” teaches the KIDS when and why to wear their life jackets while in the boat. “Uncle Louie”, a real fishing whacko, teaches them what to do in a boating accident – SIT, THROW, YELL AND WAVE.  They are shown how to make a Rescue Bag.

We go to where the KIDS are which takes us to many locations in Snohomish/King County, such as schools, parks, clubs and even the YMCA.  Boating Safety for KIDS has been brought to you by the Everett Sail and Power Squadron and Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission since 1997.  Please visit our webpage to see when one of our Boating Safety 4 KIDS classes is available.  All children must be pre-registered.  




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